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The US Real Estate Process - Where To Start

Buying property in the USA has always been popular with affluent investors from around the world. The reasons that people buy are often a mix of both lifestyle and investment goals but may lean more heavily to ...


Buying A Second Home in Miami, Condo or a Home?

  David Siddons "The decision over a Miami home or a Miami condo as to which is better as a second home is very much a personal one and of course neighborhood dependent. Although there is no uni...


Discover the best and most sought-after neighborhoods in Orlando

Many foreigners who visit Disney Parks are not satisfied with just a vacation season in Orlando, this dissatisfaction is due to the great enchanting power that this paradise of fantasy and shopping has to offer...


How American Houses Work - Living in the USA

When I was on a trip to the US, I was very curious about entering a typical American house, to see how these houses were inside and if they were the same as the ones we used to see on the movies. Now, I live in...


Oh look, a new housing bubble.

Bubble Bubble For those who remember 2006, the U.S housing market was trapped in an ever increasing bubble. The state of the market was a surplus of built homes teamed with really bad mortgage products. When...


U.S. Expands Crackdown on Secret Real Estate Buyers

Secret Real Estate The U.S Treasury Department created an initiative in January 2016 to clamp down on anonymous real estate purchases made by small shell companies. Now in August, the scheme does appear to b...


Tax Obligations for Rental Properties Held by Foreign Investors

Tax Obligations for Rental Properties Held by Foreign Investors Many international investors in US real estate are buying into the residential market, such as a vacation rental property to be used part-time ...


Hiring a Property Manager? Be Sure To ask These 5 Questions

Ask the right questions As an international investor in residential real estate, one of your very first decisions—even before the closing on the property itself—is how you intend to manage your p...