The Buying Process

We have been focused on the Resort Villa/Condo (flat) market for over 20 years in both Central and the West Coast of Florida. We have the knowledge, experience, and reputation to turn you into both a long term client and hopefully a friend

What to know

• As a buyer’s agent, we are paid by the seller – never the buyer

• We have access to every listed property through the multiple listing service (the system that allows you to view properties on this site)

• There is no need to work with multiple agents – choose the Realtor that you are most comfortable with and let them do the work.

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Services that you might need

We have been in this market for 20+ years and work with an independent team of each city's top professionals. Some of the areas that you might need assistance with are as follows:

Mortgages are available for non US residents but the guidelines are quite strict and we suggest you communicate with an experienced “foreign national” lender or broker prior to looking at properties. Allow us to connect you with trusted partners.
Short term rental management
Weekly rentals are provided and complete management of pool, lawn, pest control, cleaning, maintenance is included. Not all areas allow short term rentals and not all companies are created equal so allow us to introduce you to 2-3 of the best and you decide.
Long term rental management
This option is for buyers that are not looking to use their home to vacation in and are simply looking for an income producing property.
Different people have different needs. If you are planning to rent your home with short term rentals, furniture packages are available down to the last fork and towel.
Home Owner’s or Hazard Insurance is required on a home that you purchase. This is simply a combination of building and contents insurance.
Allow us to introduce you to trusted and well respected attorneys that can guide and advise you.
In the USA, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is responsible for collecting income tax. If you own property in the USA, you will need to submit an annual report which can usually be done simply and inexpensively with a  form completed on your behalf annually by an accountant that understands  non US resident home owners.
Currency Exchange
Money can often be exchanged at a better rate than your bank will offer. We suggest you compare your bank with currency exchange specialists and see the savings.
Opening a bank account is quite simple in the USA and simply requires $100 deposit and a passport. Some are more accustomed to facilitating overseas clients however and most will require you to be physically present in order to open the account. 

Common terms

When you put an offer, it is binding once accepted by the seller. Therefore, buyers should not put multiple offers out at the same time
Building Inspection
Inspection of the property, plumbing, electrics, roof, and other elements.
Valuation – determination of market value
Physical description/ map of the plot and boundary lines
Completion – You now own the property
Property Taxes
Council taxes (rates)

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